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Studying abroad entails a complex process of applying to several suitable universities and gaining admission in the preferred ones. These processes can be quite mind-boggling for the fresh applicant. The several points of query at the time of applying are:

  • Type of profile: How does the applicant present himself or herself
  • Application essays: What should be the approach to these essays? Does each have to be different? Who reads them, and what impact should the applicant focus on?
  • Letters of Recommendation, etc.: What form of recommendation should the applicant focus on? Who is best to recommend the applicant? What should be the content of the recommendation letter?

All these aspects and many more play a vital part in determining the best-fit University or Institution for the applicant. We understand that each profile must be unique. Each applicant is given exclusive individual attention. Our efforts are ignited by the applicant’s preference for specific institutions and courses abroad. We have tie-ups with optimum world class performing universities in the US, Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand and several others.

We are here to help you attain your dream.   

  • Partner Facilitating Institutions-

Several Institutions of High Learning across the world acknowledge our set up as a confirmed source of quality learners. We represent them and our applicants worldwide. Applicants working through us enjoy the flexibility of choice in courses and intuitions to study abroad according to their needs and desires.

  • Transparency and Total Commitment to Transparency:

Out experts are adept at pinpointing the requirements and potential of the students and then dove-tailing each student with a set of tailor-made options. Our students are constantly updated all through the admissions process. We take the students to step by step, along with all the admissions formalities.

  • Hand Holding with Applicants:

Communications are kept open and strong to help applicants overcome all complications smoothly and with confidence.

  • Integrity and Confidentiality:

At 360 College Review, we are with the applicant from when he or she steps across our threshold till the time of actually going through the VISA formalities and taking off for his or her destination. We aim to provide complete and accurate information to the student.   

  • Dedicated Counsellors:

Every applicant is given valuable advice through a dedicated counsellor who stays by his or her side constantly to take care of all apprehensions and fears through every stage of the process.

  • Environment of Earnestness:

All applicants at 360 College Review are enveloped in an all-encompassing environment of positive energy and earnestness. There is an atmosphere of total trust on part of the applicants and wholehearted dedication on the part of the 360 College Review Team which together ensure the best results.

  • A large variety of courses at the levels of Bachelors, Masters, MBA, Professional degrees and even doctorate are studied and analyzed regularly to ensure the best of services to the applicants.
  • We are well acquainted with regulations pertaining to tuition fee and other relevant expenses besides presentation of financials in confirmation with stipulations of different countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • Information on numerous scholarships is available for deserving applicants, especially those having exceptional high GMAT academic and other scores.
  • Thorough and painstaking preparation for attaining optimum test scores.
  • Selection of and targeting the best schools in the most favourable of locations like Boston, New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Vancouver, Auckland etc. The benefits accrued to the applicants would be lower cost of living, a safe, clean and flourishing environment besides a unique international experience of diverse cultures and civilization.
  • Aptitude and Counseling Services:

Our dedicated counsellors obtain knowledge from you on the basis of detailed professionally whetted questionnaires and in-depth interviews. They come to know you so well that even you will be amazed! Your information will facilitate our dedicated counsellors to come up with the best possible profile options and recommendations.

  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Options:

We offer a large bouquet of options as also helping in selecting the most appropriate ones and arriving at the best course options besides selecting the most befitting institutions for your career objectives. Our team of counsellors and experts work diligently on an exhaustive database of universities, to arrive at a perfect fit for each applicant. We are fully tuned to the individual needs of each applicant having total synchronization with all career options available for the 360 College Review aspirants.

  • Documentation and Preparatory Services:

All applicants are provided with a comprehensive package of services replete with total documents support from filing of the application form to framing Letters of Recommendations and extending help with preparing precise and focused Statements of Purpose besides thoroughly checking the application form.

  • Consultation on VISA Sanction:

All applications are given an absolute once over to support the applicant across the entire VISA process. Special pre-VISA and pre-departure sessions are held with the applicant to ensure a totally smooth transition from the domestic to the international student status of the applicant.

  • Leaving Indian Soil for Bright Future:

We are with you till the very last step before you are embarked on your insightful journey to seeking knowledge. We understand you have numerous questions and are a bundle of nerves just before you commence your travels. We help you go through your checklist of essentials like VISA, travel tickets, foreign exchange, insurance, etc., alongwith several others.

  • Preparation for Qualifiers like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc.:

Proficiency in English as well as qualifying several tests like the IELTS and TOEFL etc. are mandatory for applicants to fulfil the requisite qualifying terms as they are essential for admission. The focus of the 360 College Review team is to ensure the satisfaction of the applicant in attaining these qualifying landmarks for the proffered courses and institutions.     

  • Reinforcing and Resourcing:

Our facilitation partners are used to and expect our best services which are always of the highest international standards. Hand in glove is the welcome accorded by our international partner institutions to applicants aspiring to study abroad. There are a highly exclusive group of higher educational institutions that have been closely associated with our team. This enables us to get the best course of action to our applicants, ensuring the maximum benefits possible on all counts.

  • An amazingly huge number of options for taking up undergraduate, Masters and PhD courses
  • Wide network of tie-ups with world-class college programmes and professional institutions.
  • Exploring affordable tuition fee options.
  • Securing scholarships for deserving applicants.
  • Condensed courses and other time-saving options.
  • Information capsules released from time to time to update the applicants constantly.
  • Wholesome and functional package of services ranging from flexible and wide-ranging courses and University selection to final departure to destination.
  • Exemplary services extended for universally best results
  • Academic institutions at strategic locations for knowledge seekers internationally. We always tend to target state-of-the-art facilities in world-class lifestyle locations like Boston, New York, San Francisco, Miami, London, etc.

We always try and help our applicants harvest the benefits of lower cost of living, safe, clean and pristine environment as well as promoting growth and development in international, socio-cultural employment.

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