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You have the fire within you to excel and that too to the International class standards of higher learning. We at 360 College Review want to see your dreams fulfilled. Your success in studying abroad is our personal achievement. We understand there are many areas of doubt, confusion and uncertainty at the outset when you first begin to turn your mind to going across Indian shores for higher studies in the prestigious educational institutions of the world. We understand your situation totally. We understand that:

  1. Applying aboard needs constant hand holding with experienced persons
  2. Time, pace and quality are important because when to apply and how to apply are very important
  3. Preparation of correct and sure shot documents can make all the difference

These steps are of vital significance. Documents to be prepared include the applicant’s profile, Essay to go with application, Letters of Recommendation and several others. Our partnerships with internationally renowned academic institutions help streamline the student preference for colleges and countries.

Expertise and Customization: Our partners are internationally renowned educational institutions. Our experts have been oriented by these partner institutions to help applicants get through with the greatest success.

Sincerity Transparency and Quality: These are the hallmarks of our services Compendium. Dedicated Counsellors and highly qualified consultants on board. Our focus is on open, crisp and detailed communications. The applicant is involved every step of the way.

Guidance and Seamless service go hand in hand: We are here to help applications get over their doubts and fears. Each of the counsellors appointed to each of the applicants is highly qualified to give the best guidance for your quest for academic excellence.

Skillful viewpoint: Our view is that in a work environment, it is necessary to possess a skillful viewpoint which tends to influence the applicant’s in a positive way. The skillfulness of our staff consultants and experts further helps in building the truest and maximum reliability and guiding you to your goal.

  • Partnerships with highly graded and recognized academic centres all over the world
  • Extensive programs for Bachelors, MBA Masters and PHDs along with a number of Diplomas in a wide range of subjects and courses. Many of them are almost tailor-made for you.
  • Structured Course fee that is made affordable and suitable to your needs as an applicant for higher studies.
  • Our expert’s advice on Flexi-scores for tests and how to best utilize their potential.
  • We understand the global recession that has made things difficult the world over. Our experts and counsellors are willing to take you through the paces
  • We have excellent information on prime global locations like New York, San Francisco, Miami, London, Vancouver, Amsterdam, etc, for obtaining a safe, clean, low cost living in a complete academically-oriented culture.

The 360 College Review nurtures alliances with some of the top most academic institutions in the world. This select group of academic institutions gives us the added edge of pre-discussing applicant profiles. The privilege of extending tailor-made solution to applicants using the 360 College Review route.

The 360 College Review has extended its Privileged Alliance Programme to all applicants aspiring to study in some of the premiere institutions of the world.

Benefits of the Alliance for our applicants:

  • Broad spectrum of options to take up undergraduate, Masters and Post-graduate and even PhD courses alongwith numerous short term diplomas.
  • The Alliance is the doorway to exceptional applicants to obtain scholarships, benefits and all types of special privileges.
  • A comprehensive package is offered to all our applicants that helps them go gradually and surely through the processes of preparing all relevant documents, application forms, collection of various test scores and manuscripts. In fact it means going through the entire checklist right upto the VISA interview preparation and appearance. In fact our team is always ready to create the security field of best practices in the arena of preparing applicants for fulfilling their aspirations of studying abroad.
  • Our Alliances are made aware of the Indian standards in academics so that they can extend the best possible deals in choices and options for our applicants.
  • Our professional experts and counsellors take you through the entire process, hand-holding through every step of the way.
  • Our comprehensive package is our commitment to our applicants.
  • All complications become non-existent when you repose your trust in us – we stand by you all through the attainment of your dream.

Role of our counselling service:

  • We offer intensive and extensive long term relationship with the applicant
  • Start early with us and enjoy the beneficial inputs of our dedicated counsellors, experts and high powered, experienced consultants who live through every moment of your journey
  • Highly sensitive counsellors take the applicant and at times even the family of the applicant through several serious decision-making orientation sessions.

Extended Hand-holding by Dedicated Counsellors:

  • Documents are the most significant part of the application form
  • All documents are created and constructed to give the best profile presentation of the applicant
  • Having several sessions of interpersonal interface to obtain the maximum inputs from applicants on personal, academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for making picture portraits
  • Our experts are experienced and highly skilled in facilitating the projection on befitting profiles through behavioral, academic and psychological mapping

Precision Targeted Course Selection Process:

  • Wide range of choices on offer with global Alliance and other academic institutions
  • Courses, curricula, universities, colleges, living arrangements are all weighty decision. Our dedicated counsellors go over all the pros and cons with the applicant

VISA Interview Preparedness:

  • Most applicants are apprehensive at the time of VISA interview. Their fears, doubts and misconceptions are all taken care of in a number of sessions with the 360 College Review team including counsellors, experts and consultants
  • The 360 College Review team keeps abreast of all VISA stipulation mandated by each country where the applicants have made their approach

Preparing Qualifiers like IELTS/TOEFL:

  • Professional training modules covered by experts to help applicants prepare for the qualifiers like IELTS/TOEFL etc
  • Mocks done with applicants for building confidence and expertise so that they can clear the qualifiers successively

Moving to the Goal

  • Just before finally taking the flight the applicant is thoroughly prepared on the pre-departure formalities
  • All questions, queries are taken care of by experienced members of the 360 College Review team
  • Our hand-holding extends upto where the applicant is just about ready to board the flight to success abroad in their chosen field

Depend on us – we will never let you down – 360 College Review

Symphony of Applicant – Alliance at 360 College Review

– Our elite Alliance network with premier academic institutions prepares the applicant to excel in all formalities of entrance

– Alliance institutions offer tailor-made routes into preferred course

– Special access to 360 College Review Alliance benefits for applicants

– Authentic, impartial and very generous offers from Alliance institutions for our applicants

– Low-cost living, best institutions, all available forms of scholarships and easy terms for tuition fee for various courses

When you opt for our Alliance Program

– You obtain a novel package of services

– Astute advice and guidance given at every stage to applicants

– Allied benefits of promotions, special drives and sharing of best practices with Alliance institutions

– Encouraging applicants to examine all options and take up the custom built programmes best suited to the needs

– Obtaining extensive information on mandated rules and regulations for applications to alliance intuitions

– Large basket of application aids for a seamless, hassle-free admissions process

We are always with you every Step of the way! 360 College Review paves the way to your success!

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