The 360 College Review Live GRE Training Program

We are tuned in to your learning needs! The 360 College Review’s Live GRE Training Curriculum  is a comprehensive approach that brings the outstanding teaching experience of our faculty and experts to the fore. Our live classes are conducted via an attractive and simplified interface which is very user-friendly. The course material we provide has been specially crafted considering the difficulty level of the actual test.

We describe your weak areas and work with you tirelessly to strengthen them. Our tailor-made programmes provide an atmosphere for real-time testing and encourage optimum precision and speed. In addition to personalised study plans, we have custom-built sessions, various online tests that ensure the best outputs and outcomes.

Maximisers On Joining 360 College Review

> Attractive and simplified virtual classroom interface.

> The most powerful strategies and problem solving methods for answering tough questions.

> High Scores through greater involvement with relevant courseware, faculty guidance and artificial intelligence.

> Course structure mirrors specially prepared classroom programs with unprecedented accuracy.

> Closely monitored progress with regular feedback.

> Ease of clearing doubts and finding answers to questions through unlimited sessions across the online platform.

> Specific topic based refresher sessions before the exam.


    Measure Number of Questions Allotted Time
    Analytical Writing
    (One section with two separately timed tasks)
    One “Analyze an Issue” task and one “Analyze an Argument” task 30 minutes per task
    Verbal Reasoning
    (Two sections)
    20 questions per section 30 minutes per section
    Quantitative Reasoning
    (Two sections)
    20 questions per section 35 minutes per section
    Unscored Varies Varies
    Research Varies Varies

    The total time allocated for the GRE exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes. There are 6 sections in the test with a 10 minute break after the thirds section . The Analytical Writing section will appear first. The Quantitative reasoning, the verbal reasoning and unscored sections may appear in any order.

    The highest score that can be obtained on GRE is 340. The range of score for Verbal Section is 130-170, in 1-point increments ; for Quantitative Reasoning is 130-170 , in 1-point increments and for Analytical Writing 0-6, in half point increments.

    Assessment of Analytical Writing

    This section requires you to provide focused responses based relevant to the tasks presented, so you can precisely illustrate your ability in directly responding to a task.

    The assessment of this section measures your ability to-

    • Express and understand complex ideas effectively
    • support ideas with pertinent reasons and examples
    • scrutinize claims and supporting evidence
    • sustain a well-focused and coherent discussion
    • control the components of standard written English

    This section requires you to provide focused responses based relevant to the tasks presented, so you can precisely illustrate your ability in directly responding to a task.

    Verbal Reasoning

    This section measures your ability to:

    • analyze and draw conclusions from communication; reason from deficient data; identify author’s viewpoint; understand different levels of meaning, such as literal, figurative and author’s intent
    • select important points; distinguish major from irrelevant or minor points; summarize text; understand the structure of text
    • understand the meaning of words, sentences & entire texts; understand the relationship among words and concepts

    Quantitative Reasoning

    The Quantitative Reasoning section includes an on-screen calculator.

    This section measures your ability to:

    • understand, interpret and analyze quantitative information
    • solve problems using mathematical models
    • apply elementary concepts and basic skills of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis
    • The GRE exam can be taken once every 21 calendar days and no more than 5 times in a 12-month period.
    • GRE is offered usually on all working days in India (i.e. from Monday to Friday).
    • Registration fee for GRE General Test is $213. You canreport your score  to up to 4 universities free of cost when you take the test, after that, you are charged additional fee per university to report the score.
    • GRE score is valid for 5 years

    The preparation for GRE has us at 360 College Review working full time towards preparing you for optimum results. Serious devotion of our team with live teaching and customized guidance for home practice comprises the basis of 360 College Review’s GRE Course Study Plan for obtaining high-end scores. It is a commitment to your best performance.

    Effective Delivery of Quality Content

    • Latest study material and tests
    • Video lessons, e-books, technology supported live lectures and doubt sessions
    • Attractive and simplified interface for teacher-student interaction

    Concept Building

    • Topic-wise concept building
    • Pre-recorded concept videos to aid the live teaching experience
    • Doubt clearing brainstorming sessions with responsive expert faculty every week

    Define strategies

    • Problem solving strategies
    • Engaging and challenging questions
    • Targeted approach to conquer advanced problems

    Pace & Accuracy Build-up

    • High proficiency topic-wise practice sessions
    • Strictly Time oriented online sectional tests
    • Streamlined online portal for conducting practice sessions

    Concentration Boosters for Full-Length Tests

    • Conducting full-length tests and holding post-test explanation sessions
    • Scoreboard analysis for Advanced test performance
    • Providing insights on actual test performances by predicting trends in questions attempted and scores attained.

    Target your weakness

    • Having discussions and analysis with faculty across each test point
    • Improvement in level of competency
    • Precise study plan to improve scores

    Customized Inputs for a high score

    • Target date of exam oriented practice sessions along with custom built study plans.
    • Online forum of dedicated 360 College Review faculty for 24 hours doubt clearance and exploration
    • AWA reviews in extended details

    FAQs on GRE Online

    The GRE programme entails intensive working on pre-scheduled GRE live training classes on the internet. You can  attend our live classes from anywhere. The online program  mirrors specially prepared classroom  program which focuses on building concepts and teaching problem solving strategies through innovative methodology.

    The live classes are worked through on the Zoom App which will have to be downloaded on your device.

    Once the enrollment is done a welcome package is dispatched. It has the relevant details and instructions that help you link to your self to the dedicated student portal. The link is extended well before the initiation of the classes. By clicking on that link you can join in the classes immediately.

    The average batch comprises 20 students as it is the optimum number that was found to be conducive to ease of teaching of the faculty. The concentration levels are also maintained in such closed groups while the learner teacher interface is healthy.

    Innovative information imparting is the keynote of our teaching. We emphasize the content focus on concepts and build up the comprehension by encouraging student interaction.

    Any applicant with a desktop or even a smartphone can avail himself or herself of the opportunity to participate in the Live GRE Training programme. The only essentials are strong internet connectivity and good speed. One can access the GRE programme anywhere.

    Yes you can cancel or reschedule the test but it must be done no later than four days before the test date or your test fee will be forfeited.

    There is no minimum qualification required for you to be able to appear for the test.

    Yes, you can reinstate the scores that you canceled within 60 days after your test date. The same can be done through your ETS account. The fee charged is $50.

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