VISA Counseling Services

Merely receiving an admission letter is no guarantee of obtaining a student VISA. Our visa consultants are experts in making the entire VISA application process a seamless one.

  • Our counsellors assist you in filling up the details of your VISA application.
  • The counsellors ensure all relevant documents are filed as per the VISA checklist.
  • Our counsellors walk the applicant through the rules and regulations, timelines as well as the dos and don’ts of the VISA interview process.
  • Our focus is on ensuring that the applicant is well prepared, totally confident and comfortable when facing the visa interviewer.
  • The counsellor will walk you through the rules and regulations, timelines and the dos and don’ts of the VISA interview.

All of this is done to ensure that you are well prepared and extremely confident to face the VISA interviewer.

Steps of VISA Process in Australia

  • GTE approved status mandatory.
  • Receiving unconditional Offer Letter.
  • Fee payment for essential documents.
  • Confirmation of enrollment.
  • Gathering all prescribed documentation.

Filing your Australian student VISA application (Subclass -500)


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