Visa Guidance Services for New Zealand

VISA Counseling Services

Merely receiving an admission letter is no guarantee of obtaining a student VISA. Our visa consultants are experts in making the entire VISA application process a seamless one.

  • Our counsellors assist you in filling up the details of your VISA application.
  • The counsellors ensure all relevant documents are filed as per the VISA checklist.
  • Our counsellors walk the applicant through the rules and regulations, timelines as well as the dos and don’ts of the VISA interview process.
  • Our focus is on ensuring that the applicant is well prepared, totally confident and comfortable when facing the visa interviewer.

VISA Process in New Zealand

  • Obtaining an unconditional Offer Letter.
  • Submit requisite documents to university or college for funds verification and VISA interview.
  • Undertake the stipulated medical test and PCC.
  • Collect the requisite documents for a New Zealand student VISA application.
  • File online for New Zealand student VISA application.
  • Attend the VISA interview after being fully prepared.
  • Receive VISA approval.
  • Pay living expenses for one year under FTS (Fund Transfer Scheme) as also Tuition fees for the year.


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